Vital food was established in 2005 in Malatya. Vital food, which produces bread additives, continues its activities with great care and dedication in order to be the leading producer of bread additives in Turkey. Closely following the industry conditions, Vital food is progressing by closely monitoring the market and technology to meet the needs of both existing customers and potential customers.

In order to maintain its reputation as an organization that not only shows a steady growth and productive development, but also is a praiseworthy organization, we are committed to progress with all our employees, without compromising our values.

In this sense, we make every effort to ensure that our organization and policy are fully realized: to continue on the basis of customer satisfaction as our primary priority, to take care not to make our employees knowledgeable and experienced, to support our suppliers, to carry out our after-sales support professionally, to avoid negatively affecting our reputation, We also attach great importance to being an affordable and quality product provider.

As Vital Food, we are continuing our activities with great care and dedication in order to be a leading supplier of products in Turkey. We are closely monitoring the 
industry conditions we are in and we are closely examining the market in order to be able to meet the needs of our current customers as well as our potential customers. We aim to present our machines and equipments, which we are producing, to our customers with high quality.


As Vital Food, we take the principle of contributing to the needs of the modern world that we are in, with the best possible work and operations. We will continue to meet the requirements of the industry as the technology adapts to the changing and changing market conditions and to produce the Bread additive material considering the current market condition and most importantly human health.